Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest Blogger Contest

The contest is called Guest Blogger for May 2011 of Here are the requirements and the conditions on how to join this wonderful contest.


  1. Write or feature any of your blog or website and submit it to us. (To be posted in website not in your website). This is all about you and your blog, do not mention this contest in your post. A chance to promote your blog or website and gain backlinks to your site.
  2. Feature this contest in your own blog or website with sponsors' links. (just a short post and don't forget to embed the contest banner)
  3. (Optional) Share it in FB, twitter or bookmark it. 

Benefits and Prizes:
  • Earn backlink from their website and gain more traffic.
  • A Chance to win one of the 5 winners of $10 each.
  • All 5 winners will be featured in alohagemsonline homepage for 1 month while all non-winning entries will be also be posted (but will not be featured) right after submission. 
Submit you entry:  Fill out Guest Blogger Contest form!

In joining this contest means you agreed to the following conditions of
  1. Your entry will be posted only in their website and may not be reposted somewhere else.
  2. You will promote the contest in your blog or website. (Please do not copy the whole post, Google will hate them.)
  3. Share it in FB (optional)
  4. If Chosen as one of the five (5) winners of $10 each by electronic drawings, it will be deposited in your Paypal acount.
  5. You will only submit one (1) entry.
Sponsors' Links:

4 Nakiusyoso sa usapan:

Bino said...

gud luck parekoy :) said...

pa-exlinks po hihihi

LhanLhan said...

added na kita zyra! ^^ said...

yey :)
andito na ikaw yehey! hehehe adek ngayon lang tau nag-x-links

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